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This is the community wiki page for the gene hells please feel free to add any information that is relevant to this gene that is not already captured elsewhere in Xenbase

functrional notes

from XB-ART-54461, PNAS 2018 January, 115 (5) E876-E885. https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1717509115

HELLS and CDCA7 comprise a bipartite nucleosome remodeling complex defective in ICF syndrome

Christopher Jenness, Simona Giunta, Manuel M. Müller, Hiroshi Kimura, Tom W. Muir and Hironori Funabiki

"HELLS is a SNF2 ATPase family protein, required for de novo DNA methylation of repetitive elements and developmentally programmed genes through interaction with DNMT3b (7). Among six groups of SNF2 family proteins, HELLS belongs to a SNF2-like subfamily, including SMARCA2/4 (BRM/BRG1), CHD3–5 (Mi-2), CHD1/2, CHD6–9, SMARCA1/5 (SNF2L/SNF2h, ISWI) and ALC1 (8). "

nomenclature changes

05/15/2017 Human name has changed for Entrez Gene: 3070. From helicase, lymphoid-specific to helicase, lymphoid specific ( removed hyphen)