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This is the community wiki page for the gene gprc5cl2 please feel free to add any information that is relevant to this gene that is not already captured elsewhere in Xenbase

nomenclature changes

04/22/ 2016

Human name has changed for Entrez Gene: 55890. From G protein-coupled receptor, class C, group 5, member C to G protein-coupled receptor class C group 5 member C


2 gene were previously named gprc5c, and have been renamed gprc5c like gene 1 , and gprc5c like gene 2

These were both changed to a 'like' gene, given that their synteny is messy and the true orthologues to human cannot be easily established ( 7/15/2019, KAB. )

Warning: They should only be changed back after detailed analysis, not because they are both still linked to human GPRC5C