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"Psoralen is a furocoumarin that intercalates with DNA, inhibiting DNA synthesis and cell division. Psoralen is used in Photochemotherapy with high-intensity long-wavelength UVA irradiation. Psoralens are tricyclic furocumarins and have a strong tendency to intercalate with DNA base pairs. Irradiation of nucleic acids in the presence of psoralen with long wave UV (~360 nm) results in the 2+2 cyclo- addition of either of its two photoreactive sites with 5,6-carbon bonds of pyrimidines resulting in crosslinking double-stranded nucleic acids." Source: NCIt

structure, image from PubChem

Alternative names

  • Ficusin
  • 7H-Furo[3,2-g]chromen-7-one
  • Furocoumarin

Usage Notes


> 97 Xenbase articles contain a reference to Psoralen according to textpresso