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This is the community wiki page for the gene ripk3 please feel free to add any information that is relevant to this gene that is not already captured elsewhere in Xenbase

nomenclature updates


This gene page was created after a review by David Webb from the NCBI and Xenbase curators.

A synteny analysis of ripk3 genes identified this gene ( Entrez gene ID: 100497374) as the Xenopus tropicalis orthologue of human RIPK3 as its location and gene order is conserved across taxa.

In humans, frog, lizard and turtles, it is found in this gene order: nfatc4> ripk3> adcy4>.

In Xenopus tropicalis and X. laevis, ripk3 is on Chromosome 1, and chromosome 1.L respectively.

The 2 other ripk3 genes from earlier genome builds are not the true orthologues of human RIPK3, and have been renamed as like genes.

In X. tropicalis, ripk3-like gene 1 is on currently placed on Chr2, and in X. Laevis, ripk3-like gene 1.L it is on Chromosome 8.L, although this needs more study to determine for sure.

Currently, there is no model for ripk3l.2.S at NCBI or in Xla genome v9.2, although it may possibly be genemodel25274 ( watch this space!)

It seems that the ripk3l.1 and ripk3l.2 genes do not occur in other vertebrates except the caecillian (Rhinatrema bivittatum), and may represent an amphibian-specific gene duplication event.