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This is the community wiki page for the gene b4galt3l2 please feel free to add any information that is relevant to this gene that is not already captured elsewhere in Xenbase

nomenclature changes

May2019 Xenbase curators [KAB/JDF] assessed the synteny of this gene and assigned a like suffix as it and a similar gene (b4galt3l1).


The synteny of the b4galt3 , "b4galt3-like" and b4gat3"genes has been re-assessed. NB: (this gene page wiki relates to point 4) below)

1) Entrez gene ID: 100486704 [Ensembl:ENSXETG00000005973] does seem to be the true ortholog of human B4GALT3 as it occurs in the the same gene pattern ( albeit in reverse order)


X. tropicalis: adamts4> dnz1<, ppox> LOC#### < b4galt3 <usp21 < ufc1 (on Chrom. 8) A new gene page for this gene will be created.

2) The b4galt3l1 [XB-GENEPAGE-988038, on Chromosome 2] gene appears to have been lost in mammals (therefore no ortholog links to human rat or mouse are given/exist) . Alrthough it goes back at least as far as gnathostomes where it consistently resides between the B4GALT4 and ARHGAP31 genes (it's also missing or moved in some teleosts like D. rerio but it's there in reedfish and spotted gar).

3) In amphibians, reptiles and birds there's often another b4gat3-gene between B4GALT4 and ARHGAP31 which Xenbase correctly identifies as b3gat1l (XB-GENEPAGE-5956385; GeneID: 594896).

4) Xenopus b4galt3l2 [XB-GENEPAGE-5823208] is found on Chromsome 7, in this gene order. It does not appear to be a true ortholog of Human B4GALT3, and ortholog links have been removed from this genepage

X. laevis: sned1<, klk2<, tecta.2<, LOC####>, b4galt3l2>, kcnj9>, cox6b1<, drrk1a.2>, fbl<

X.tropicalis: v9.1 it was on an unplaced scaffold (scaffold_171) b4galt3l2< tecta.2>

X. tropicalis v10.0: ndufa4> , dyrk1a.2<, cox6b1>, kcnj9<, LOC108645137< b4galt3l2<, [series of LOC### models, none of which are named]