4A6 – pronephros

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Antigen: dissected pronephroi, target unknown

Xenbase Gene Page:

Epitope: mouse monoclonal IgG

Host Species/Isotype:

Antigen Species:

Applications: IF, IP, WB

Antibody Name/Catalog Number: 4A6

Supplier: Liz Jones (ea@dna.bio.warwick.ac.uk) , 10 ml 3x. Sent on dry ice so please provide account number for shipping costs.

Comments: not sentitive to bleaching, does not function post in situ

Contributor: Generated and characterized by Elizabeth Jones [1]. References: Dev Bio 171:531- [2]

Additional Information: Developmental Window: First detects target at stage 39, continues until latest stages tested. Stains:' distal pronephric nephron and pronephric / Wolffian duct. The duct staining is mosaic and only some cells are recognized. Sains the entire cell surface evenly with no basolateral/apical bias. Fixatives: MEMFA Available as:' cell supernatant, 3 x Optimized conditions: Very clean antibody, very stable, can be reused. Development in BCIP/NBT usually takes 30 minutes, in red, about 60 minutes. Works well in immunofluorescense. As the pronephros is only covered by a thin transparent epidermis it is not necessary to clear stained embryos. Other species: Xenopus only

Reference(s): Dev Bio 171:531- [3]

applications abbreviations:

WB - Western blotting,

IP - immunoprecipitation,

IF - immunofluorescence,

IHC - immunohistochemistry,

EMSA - electromobility shift assay,

ChIP - chromatin immunoprecipitation,

FCM - flow cytometry