JNK, activated - mapk8

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Antigen: active Janus kinase

Xenbase Gene Page: mapk8

Epitope: dually phosphorylated JNK-derived peptide

Host Species/Isotype: rabbit polyclonal

Antigen Species:

Applications: IF

Antibody Name/Catalog Number: anti-active JNK pAb V7931

Supplier: Promega

Comments: IF: MEMFA 30 min @ RT, post-fix Dent's (80% MeOH/20% DMSO), use @ 1:300

Contributor: Zorn Lab

Additional Information:


applications abbreviations:

WB - Western blotting,

IP - immunoprecipitation,

IF - immunofluorescence,

IHC - immunohistochemistry,

EMSA - electromobility shift assay,

ChIP - chromatin immunoprecipitation,

FCM - flow cytometry