LEL - all pronephric epithelia- also faint lateral line

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Lycopersicon Esculentum (Tomato) Lectin (LEL)

Both Fluorescein (FL-1171 ) and Texas Red (TL-1176) conjugates are available from Vector Laboratories [2]

Incubate overnight at 4 degrees with 1/100 labeled lectin in standard antibody blocking solution. Wash 4 x 20 min in TBS and photograph. Can be combined with antibody staining incubations. Works on embryos post in situ so can be used as a counter-stain on already processed samples.

option (Image from P. Vize [3])]]

option (Image from P. Vize [4])]]

Stage 38/39 Xenopus laevis embryos stained with fluorescein conjugated LEL (Image from P. Vize [1])