Monoclonal 12/101 - somites

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Generated and characterized by Kintner [1] and Brockes (1985) [2]

Antibody name: 12/101

Raised in: mouse

Subtype: IgG

Antigen: homogenized tissue

Fixatives: MEMFA, Dent's, TCA

Sensitive to bleaching: No

Functions post in situ?: Yes

Immunoprecipitation/Western blotting: 120,000 Mr target

Available as: cell supernatant, 3 x or as ascites

Available from: Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank [3]

Optimized conditions: Very flexible

Other species: Many- chick, mouse, newt, rabbit

12101.jpg Immunofluorescence using 12/101

12101+ATPase.jpg Example of using 12/101 post in situ as a counterstain. The fluorescent in situ was against atp1a1, which is expressed in the kidney and appears green.