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This is the community wiki page for the gene tmtopn please feel free to add any information that is relevant to this gene that is not already captured elsewhere in Xenbase.

gene nomenclature


Xenbase changed the gene symbol and gene name for this apparently frog specific gene from tmtops2, multiple tissue opsin 2 to tmtopn2, multiple tissue opsin 2 following a quick review of the opsin genes in Xenopus.

Note: we have also corrected the root symbol for all frog 'opsins', a from ops to opn, as it was inconsistently applied.

NOTE: we think the 'tmt' prefix comes from "teleost multiple tissue" but the frog genes do not seem to share conserved synteny blocks with similarly named tmt-opsins in fish, and as these are not teleosts, we have dropped that from the gene name, and would like to drop that first 't' from the gene symbol too.

This provisional nomenclature change is based on conserved synteny across Xenopus and chromosome position for these 3 'multiple tissue genes', and will be submitted to the VGNC for approval.

XB-GENEPAGE-1018914 has tmtopn, multiple tissue opsin on Chromosomes 8/8L/8S

XB-GENEPAGE-990435 has tmtopn2, multiple tissue opsin 2 on Chromosome 2/2L/2S

XB-GENEPAGE-1018916 has tmtopn3, multiple tissue opsin 5 on Chromosome 5/5l/5S