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opnpl [provisonal]

This is the community wiki page for the gene opnpl [provisional] please feel free to add any information that is relevant to this gene that is not already captured elsewhere in Xenbase.

nomenclature changes

11.30.2020. This gene 's name was corrected following notification of the issue by NCBIs refseq coordinator (RSCOM-106), removing human loci number from the gene name and gene symbol.

Name changed from: pinopsin-like 100496420 [provisional] to pinopsin-like [provisional]

Symbol changed from pinopsin100496420 to opnpl [provisonal], pinopsin is also added as a synonym.

this gene family is under review


A 2020 review of the pineal Type II opsins in Xenopus has named 42 genes and related genes, and these are currently being assessed by Xenbase curators, and many new genepages are expected.

See J Photochem Photobiol B November 1, 2020; 212 112024. The regulation of skin pigmentation in response to environmental light by pineal Type II opsins and skin melanophore melatonin receptors. Bertolesi GE et al. [[ http://www.xenbase.org/literature/article.do?method=display&articleId=57377]]