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This is the community wiki page for the gene barhl2 please feel free to add any information that is relevant to this gene that is not already captured elsewhere in Xenbase

nomenclature changes

04/22/ 2016 Human name has changed for Entrez Gene: 343472. From BarH-like homeobox 2 to BarH like homeobox 2

gene expression notes

source: Beatrice Durand talk, EAC, July 30th 2017, Rennes, France.

barhl2 stabilizes the interaction between tcf7l1 and groucho/tle

barhl2 interacts with tcf7l1 independently of groucho/tle

barhl2 limits beta catenin driven pTopFlash activation in HEK cells ( effect is dose depenedent)

in Xtr.Tg wnt reporter line, ( from Vlem lab) barhl2 limits beta catenin induction of gfp reporter [via immunoprecip, BD shows that], barhl2 increases grouch/tle oligomerisation in a acomplex containing tcf7l1 and hdac1

hdac1 inhibition rescues the barhl2 GOF phenotype in Xla embryos.