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This is the community wiki page for the gene six6 please feel free to add any information that is relevant to this gene that is not already captured elsewhere in Xenbase


Xtr.chr8: dhrs7< ppm1a> c14orf39/LOC100486324< six6> six1< six4< mnat1>

Xla.chr8L: dhrs.L< ppm1a.L> **< six6.L> six1.L< six4.L< mnat1.L>

Xla.chr8S: dhrs7.S< ppm1a.S> **< six6.S> six1.S< six4.S< mnat1.S>

Human chr14: DHRS7< PPM1A> C14orf39< SIX6> SIX1< SIX4< MNAT1>

Species Chromosome < 5 < 4 < 3 < 2 < 1 Gene of Interest > 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5
X.tropicalis chr8 slc38a6 trmt5 mnat1 six4 six1 GeneID:100101705;six6; c8h14orf39 ppm1a dhrs7 pcnx4 lrrc9
X.laevis chr8S jkamp.S rtn1.S dhrs7.S ppm1a.S LOC108699751.S GeneID:373784;six6.S; six1.S six4.S mnat1.S hif1a.S kcnh5.S
X.laevis chr8L slc38a6.L trmt5.L mnat1.L six4.L six1.L GeneID:398128;six6.L; LOC121396872 ppm1a.L dhrs7.L pcnx4.L lrrc9.L
M.musculus Chr12 dhrs7 ppm1a Gm33785 Gm40441 4930447C04Rik GeneID:20476; Six6 six1 MIR9718 six4 mnat1 Gm23910
H.sapiens Chr14 LINC02322 RBM8B GNRHR2P1 C14orf39 SALL4P7 GeneID:4990; SIX6 VN1R59P RPL37P5 RPS15AP4 SALRNA1 six1