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XB5894678 [provisional:btnl10]

This is the community wiki page for the gene XB5894678 [provisional:btnl10] please feel free to add any information that is relevant to this gene that is not already captured elsewhere in Xenbase


XB5894678 [provisional:btnl10] also known as loc100130701

in human, BTNL10 is aka BTN4; BUTR1

nomenclature updates

Human symbol has changed for genepage ID: 5894678 From XB5894678 [provisional:btnl10] to LRRC58-DT however this name change has not been implemented because 1) the human gene is annotated as a psuedogene and the Xenopus gene seems to be protein coding; 2) synteny does not match human v xenopus, so we are not sure if the human gene is the true ortholog of prov. btnl10 locus/allele


Based on new v10 genome assemblies from Ensembl and NCBI, we have renamed this gene butyrophilin like 10 gene 2 (provisional), with gene symbol btnl10.2 (prov)

Synteny assessment indicates 2 copies of a 'butyrophilin like 10' protein coding genes. LOC100489320 [gene ID 100489320] will be provisionally name butyrophilin like 10 gene 1 (provisional), with gene symbol btnl10.1 .

A new genepage has been requested.



the human ortholog LRRC58-DT [Gene ID: 100130701] has been removed from this gene page