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This is the community wiki page for the gene tgfbr2l please feel free to add any information that is relevant to this gene that is not already captured elsewhere in Xenbase

nomenclature changes

03.30.2020 Named was changed from transforming growth factor, beta receptor2, gene 2 (tgfbr2.2) to transforming growth factor, beta receptor II-like (tgfbr2l).

TGFBR2L was deemed appropriate by the HGNC, and nomenclature changed for chicken, zebrafish and Xenopus.

Background, from David Webb from NCBI refseq:

The vertebrate TGFBR2-like gene almost invariably resides at LMLN>...OSBPL11>...TGFBR2L<...SNX4>...ZNF148> and in most mammals NCBI simply annotates LMLN>...OSBPL11>...SNX4>...ZNF148> so there's not even a pseudogene to name in mammals.

The TGFBR2L gene in chicken is XM_015289958:XP_015145444 (CGNC: 52162), in X. tropicalis it's XM_031893595:XP_031749455 (XB-GENE-876698), and in zebrafish it's XM_683846: XP_688938 (ZDB-GENE-081105-143).

The TGFBR2L protein has its highest identity to TGFBR2 for within-species BLASTp for chicken, zebrafish, X. tropicalis and also has highest identity to TGFBR2 for BLASTp against human or mouse RefSeq proteins (so TGFBR2L seems an accurate name).

The TGFBR2 gene (human GeneID: 396399) resides at RBMS3>... ...TGFBR2>...GADL1< throughout gnathostomes. Do you have any problems with this gene being officially named TGFBR2L/"transforming growth factor, beta receptor II-like" in these non-mammalian vertebrates?