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The MediaWiki software which powers this wiki is extremely flexible, but this unfortunately comes at a trade of in user-friendliness. Below is a brief explanation of how to add content to this wiki.

You start by creating a link to the article you want to create, on the page on which you want think link to appear.

So if you want to add an antibody:

1) Go the 'Antibodies and lectins' page and click the 'Edit' tab.

2) Edit this page to include a link to your new antibody: For example, you could add the following text: '[ [My new antibody] ]' Whatever appears between the braces will be the text for the link AND the title of your article. Click 'Save page'.

3) This will take you back to the Antibodies and lectins page. However, now you will have a new link titled 'My new antibody', and it should be colored red, meaning there is no article attached to this link. Click on the newly created link. This will take you to the 'edit' page for your new article.

4) Add whatever content you like, and click 'save page'. I recommend you use the Antibody template when adding your antibody. You can get this template by going to the 'Antibodies and lectins' page, clicking on 'Antibody template', clicking on the 'Edit' tab, then copying the content of the text box into the text box for your new article and adding the appropriate information.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.