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External Antibody Resources


CiteAb is an antibody search engine which allows users to search over 500,000 antibodies from 50 companies including Xenopus-specific antibodies.

For antibodies used in Xenopus laevis papers click here. For antibodies used in Xenopus tropicalis papers click here.


Biocompare provides another search of commercial antibodies.

Xenbase Antibody Feature

Antibodies are now integrated with the entire database and can be searched here: Antibody Search

A link to our legacy spreadsheet is here: Antibody spreadsheet

Unverified Candidates For Xenopus-Reactive Antibodies

Antibodies listed in this spreadsheet are either listed for use with Xenopus by the manufacturer OR have significant antigen sequence similarity to Xenopus species. Note that these antibodies have NOT been tested by a Xenopus researcher to our knowledge. However, many of the manufacturers offer incentives for testing their antibodies in exchange for your positive/negative testing results.

Common Xenopus Antibodies

Tissue-specific Antibodies

12/101 - somites, skeletal muscle marker

3G8- pronephros and otic vesicle

4A6 – pronephros

5A3 - somite and heart

zn-12 - neuronal marker


C-cadherin - cdh3

E-cadherin - cdh1

caspase 3, cleaved (asp175) - casp3

alpha-catenin - ctnna1

beta-catenin, active - ctnnb1

beta-catenin - ctnnb1 - H-102

beta-catenin, phosphorylated - ctnnb1

CBFβ - cbfb - blood, CNS, blood vessels

centrin 1 - cetn1 - basal bodies

collagen type II - col2a1 - ECM

collagen type II - col2a1 - ECM broad


eya1 - eya1 - developing ear

fibrillin-2 - fbn2 - secreted from endothelium

anti-FLAG M2 monoclonal antibody

flk1 - VEGFR2 - kdr - endothelium, blood

anti-green fluorescent protein (GFP)

histone H3, phosphorylated - h3f3a - from cell signaling techonology

histone H3, phosphorylated - h3f3a - mitotic cells - from upstate

hnk-1 - b3gat1 - migrating neural crest

integrin, beta1 - itgb1

JNK, activated - mapk8

laminin - lama1

LMO2 - lmo2 - blood, presomitic mesoderm, CNS


p44/42 MAPK, ERK1/2 phosphorylated - mapk1 - from cell signaling technology

p44/42 MAPK, ERK1/2 phosphorylated - mapk1 - from sigma

p44/42 MAPK, ERK1/2 phosphorylated - mapk1 - from sigma (2)

p44/42 MAPK, ERK1/2 phosphorylated, alkaline phosphatase conjugate - mapk1 - from sigma

c-myc - myc - from roche

c-myc - myc - from sigma

anti-c-myc-peroxidase conjugate - myc

PKC mu - prkd1

aPKC - PKC zeta - prkcz

slug - snai2 - endothelial to mesenchyme transition, neural crest

smad1 - smad1 - from abcam

smad1 - smad1 - from invitrogen

smad 1/5/8, phosphorylated - smad1 - smad8


tcf-4 - tcf4 - from upstate

troponin - heart and other muscle

troponin - cardiac troponin I - tnni3 - heart

troponin - cardiac troponin T - tnnt2 - heart

alpha-tubulin - tuba4b - microtubules

alpha-tubulin, acetylated - tuba4b

gamma-tubulin - tubg1 - basal bodies, microtubule minus ends

VEGFA - vegfa - somites, lateral plate mesoderm, head, hypochord

ZO-1 - tjp1


ECL - pronephric nephrons

LEL - all pronephric epithelia- also faint lateral line

PNA - cement gland and scattered epidermal cells

Antibody Reagent Template