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"Chymostatin is a bioactive peptide protease inhibitor that contains chymostatin A as a major form. The compound specifically inhibits chymotrypsin (CTR) (ID50 = 150 ηg/ml), papain (ID50 = 7.5 μg/ml), and cathepsin G along with most cysteine proteases such as cathepsin A, B, H, and L. The compound has been noted as a strong inhibitor of cathepsins A, B, and C. Chymostatin at an effective concentration of 10 to 100 μM weakly inhibits human leukocyte Elastase-1. In rat muscle homogenates chymostatin inhibited the protease cathepsin B and other soluble Ca2+ activated proteases. In the same study, chymostatin decreased protein break down by 20-40% without inhibiting protein production."

    • -Santa Cruz product description

Synonym: N-(Nα-Carbonyl-Cpd-X-Phe-al)-Phe (Cpd = capreomycidine) (capreomycidine = [S,S]-α-(2-Iminohexahydro-4-pyrimidyl)glycine)

Chymostatin structure, photo from Sigma-Aldrich


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