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"Latrunculin A is a bicyclic macrolide natural product consisting of a 16-membered bicyclic lactone attached to the rare 2-thiazolidinone moiety. It is obtained from the Red Sea sponge Latrunculia magnifica and from the Fiji Islands sponge Cacospongia mycofijiensis. Latrunculin A inhibits actin polymerisation, microfilament organsation and microfilament-mediated processes. It has a role as a toxin, a metabolite and an actin polymerisation inhibitor. It is a cyclic hemiketal, an oxabicycloalkane, a thiazolidinone and a macrolide". Source: []

structure, image from PubChem

Alternative names

  • LAT-A
  • Lata
  • Latrunculin-A

Usage Notes


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