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The Apoptosis Inhibitor II, NS3694, also referenced under CAS 426834-38-0, controls the biological activity of Apoptosis. This small molecule/inhibitor is primarily used for Cancer applications. In Xenopus research, it has been used in amputation/regeneration studies.

A cell-permeable diarylurea compound that specifically prevents the active ~700-kDa apoptosome complex formation triggered by cytochrome c release, thus blocking apoptosome-mediated caspase activation and cell death (50 µM completely blocks TNF-α-induced death in MCF-casp3 cells). Unlike M50054 (Cat. No. 178488), NS3694 exhibits no effect on apoptosome-independent caspase activation and cell death induced by FasL. Inhibits neither cytochrome c release nor the enzymatic activity of caspases.

Chemical formula: C₁₅H₁₀ClF₃N₂O₃

Supplier: emd Millipore: http://www.emdmillipore.com/US/en/product/Apoptosis-Inhibitor-II%2C-NS3694---CAS-426834-38-0---Calbiochem,EMD_BIO-178494