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This is the community wiki page for the gene cerkl please feel free to add any information that is relevant to this gene that is not already captured elsewhere in Xenbase.


Note that there are 3 ceramide kinase and ceramide kinase like gene in Xenopus.

1) TRUE CERK ORTHOLOGS, confirmed by synteny are on Car 3/3L/3S cerk on XB-GENEPAGE-960159

Human [Gene ID: 64781,]: GRAM4D> CERK< TBC1D22A>

X. tropicalis [Gene ID: 100487080] is on Chr. 3: tafa5< tbc1d22a< LOC116409743< cerk> gramd4< celsr1>

X. laevis chr3L: [Gene ID: 444656 ] tafa5.L< LOC121401507< tbc1d22a.L< cerk.L> gramd4.L< celsr1.L>

X. laevis chr3S: [Gene ID: 444466] : tafa5.L< LOC121402074(ncRNA)< cerk.S> gramd4.S< celsr1.S>

2) THE TRUE CERKL ORTHOLOG, cerkl are on chromosome 9/9_10L/9_10S on XB-GENEPAGE-6035279


Xtrop chr9 [Gene ID: 100487761]: ppp1r1c< ltprid2< LOC#> neurod1> cerkl> ltga4< ube2e3<

Xlaevis chr9_10L [gene ID:108701398]: ppp1r1c.L < ltprid2.L> neurod1.L> cerkl.L> ltga4.L< ube2e3a.L<

Xlaevis chr9_10S [gene ID:108702273]: ppp1r1c.S < ltprid2.S> ncRNA< neurod1.S> LOC108702273/cerkl.S> ltga4.S< ube2e3a.S<

3) There is a 2nd cerkl gene, hereafter called cerkl2, on Xenopus chromosome 8/8L/8S, displayed on XB-GENEPAGE-5892679.

Synonyms include:LOC108704494, XB5892679, loc779592

No similar gene is seen in Human using the flanking genes as anchors, so no orthologs are currently listed.

HUMAN CHRMX: SLC10A3< FAM3A< G6PD< IKBKG> FAM223A> ATF4P2>CTAG1/2/3 GAB3 < ( no cerk- like)

X. tropicalis chr 8 [GeneID:779592]: eeig1> LOC116406742< slc10a3< fam3a< ‘’’XB5892679>’’’ g6pg< lkbkg> sephs3<

X. laevis chr8L [GeneID:108704494]: invs.L< sephs3.L> ikbkg.L< g6pd.L> ‘’’XB5892679.L’’’< fam3a.L> slac10a3.L>

X. laevis chr8S v9.01: invs.S< g6pd.S> lkbkg.S< loc779592.S<. fam3a.S> slc10a3.S>

X. laevis chr8S v10 [GeneID:108699970]: g6pd.S> LOC108699970< fam3a.S> LOC121397548(p3protein-like)> ncRNA> eeig1.S<