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This is the community wiki page for the gene krt78.2 please feel free to add any information that is relevant to this gene that is not already captured elsewhere in Xenbase

nomenclature changes


Xenopus gene name and gene symbol for keratin 5, gen 6 changed to keratin 78, gene 2 (krt78.2).

nomenclature changes to keratin gene family


Following an extensive assessment of the keratin gene family during annotation for X. laevis v 9.1 genome, Xenbase genome curators have made nomenclature updates for Xenopus keratin genes. The data analysis for all gene name changes include synteny analyses (which involves aligning with human and other species genomes, assessing sequence conservation, gene order, neighboring genes, location on chromosome), and identifying the number of duplications (if any) in the X laevis S and L chromosomes, and then applying standardized gene nomenclature rules. For example, genes that have been determined to be copies or tandem duplications are sequentially numbered (ie, gene 1 gene 2, gene 3, etc.) and the gene symbol has a ‘point’ then the gene number such as krt12.5 (pronounced “k r t twelve point five”). Not all genes are found in both X. tropicalis and X. laevis, e.g. krt61 is on chromosome 2 in X. tropicalis and on Chromosome 2 in the X laevis.L, but it does not occur on X. laevis.S.

Full nomenclature rules are accessible via a link on the Xenbase home page.

The following changes have been made in the database and are reflected on Xenbase gene pages:

keratin 5, gene 1 (krt5.1, pUF23) was renamed keratin 78 gene 8 (krt78.8)

keratin 5, gene 2 (krt5, krt5.2) renamed keratin 61 (krt61)

keratin 5, gene 3 ( krt5.3) renamed keratin 59 (krt59)

keratin 5, gene 4 (krt5.4) renamed keratin 78 gene 7 (krt78.7)

keratin 5, gene 5 (krt5.5)(also known as xlk and larval keratin) was renamed keratin 62 (krt62)

keratin 5, gene 7 (krt5.7, also known as xck55 and ck55) renamed keratin 7 (krt7)

keratin 75 (krt75) was renamed keratin 78 gene 1 (krt78.1)

keratin 5.6 renamed keratin 78 gene 2 ( krt78.2)

keratin 6 (krt6) (also known as 63kDa Keratin, adult keratin and pUF164) was renamed keratin 78, gene 6 (krt78.6)

keratin 6-a (krt6a) was renamed keratin 78, gene 5 (krt78.5)

keratin 79 /keratin 79, gene2 (krt79, krt79.2) was renamed keratin 78 gene 9 (krt78.9)

keratin 8 (krt8) was renamed keratin 8, gene 1 ( krt8.1)

keratin24 (krt24 ,also known as xak-a) was renamed keratin 51 ( krt51)

keratin 14 (krt14 ,also known as ck14, nfj ebs4 and ebs3) was renamed keratin 12 gene 1 (krt12.1)

fin and gill keratin (krt16 ) was renamed keratin 12 gene 2 (krt12.2)

keratin12 (krt12, also known as krt12.1, xk81b2 and larval keratin) was renamed keratin 12, gene 5 ( krt12.5)

adult specific keratin (as known as xak-c) was renamed keratin 12 gene 6 ( krt12.6)

krt5.L (also known as xak-b) was renamed keratin 55 (krt55)

krt10 was renamed keratin 50 (krt50)

krt18a (also known as krt18, endo-b-keratin, k18 and cyk18) was renamed keratin 18 gene 1 ( krt18.1)

keratin 18-like (krt18l) was renamed keratin 18, gene 2 (krt18.2)

LOC100036883 was renamed keratin 20 (krt20)

keratin 13 (krt13, also known as k13 and ck13) was renamed keratin 15, gene 1 (krt15.1)

keratin 15 ( krt15, also known as xlk2) was renamed keratin 15 type 1 gene 2 (krt15.2)

keratin 35 (krt35) was renamed keratin 34 (krt34)

‘keratin’ (krt, krt-a, krt-b) was renamed keratin 78 (krt70)

The following are newly identified keratin genes:

keratin 9, gene 1 (krt9.1)

keratin 9, gene 2 (krt 9.2)

keratin 12, gene 3 (krt12.3)

keratin 18 gene 3 (krt18.3)

keratin 23 (krt 23)

keratin 24 (krt 24)

keratin 52 (krt 52)

keratin 53 (krt 53)

keratin 54 (krt 54)

keratin 56 (krt 56)

keratin 57 (krt 57)

keratin 58 (krt 58)

keratin 60 (krt 60)

keratin 78 gene 3, (krt 78.3)

keratin 78 gene 4 (krt78.4)

keratin-like (krt-like)