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iah1, iars, iars2, ibsp, ibtk, ica1, icam5, ick, icmt, ict1, id2, id3, id4, ide.1, ide.2, idh1, idh2, idh3a, idh3b, idh3g, idi1, ido1, ids, idua, ier2, ier3ip1, ier5l, iffo1, iffo2, ifi30, ifi35, ifih1, ifit1, ifit1b, ifit5, ifitm1, ifitm3, ifitm5, ifltd1, ifnar1, ifnar2.1, ifnar2.2, ifng, ifngr1, ifngr2.1, ifngr2.2, ifrd1, ifrd2, ift122, ift140, ift172, ift20, ift27, ift46, ift52, ift57, ift74, ift80, ift81, ift88, igbp1, igdcc3, igdcc4, igf1, igf1r, igf2, igf2bp3, igf2r, igfals, igfbp1, igfbp2, igfbp4, igfbp5, igfbpl1, igh@, ighmbp2, ighv1-3, ighv3-7, ighv3-74, ighv4-31, ighx, igj, igkc, igkv1or2-118, igkv1ory-1, igkv3-20, igkv6d-41, igkv7-3, igl@, iglon5, iglv5-48, igsf10, igsf11, igsf21, igsf3, igsf5, igsf9, igsf9b, ihh, ik, ikbip, ikbkap, ikbkb, ikbke, ikbkg, ikzf1, ikzf2, ikzf3, ikzf4, ikzf5, il10, il10ra, il10rb, il11, il11ra, il12b, il12rb2, il13ra2, il16, il17a, il17b, il17c, il17d, il17f, il17ra, il17rc, il17rd, il17re, il17rel, il18, il18r1, il18rap, il1b, il1r1, il1r2, il1rap, il1rap.2, il1rapl1, il1rapl2, il21r, il22, il22ra1, il28b.1, il28b.2, il28ra, il2rg, il4, il4i1, il4r, il5ra, il6, il6st, il7r, il8, ildr1, ildr2, ilf2, ilf3, ilk, ilkap, ilvbl, immp1l, immp2l, immt, imp3, imp4, impa1, impa2, impact, impad1, impdh1, impdh2, impg1, impg2, ina, inadl, incenp, inf2, ing1, ing2, ing3, ing4, ing5, inha, inhba, inhbb, inhbc.1, inhbc.2, inmt, ino80, ino80b, ino80c, ino80d, ino80e, inpp1, inpp4a, inpp4b, inpp5a, inpp5b, inpp5d, inpp5e, inpp5f, inpp5j, inpp5k, inppl1, ins, insc, insig1, insig2, insl5, insm1, insm2, insr, insrr, ints1, ints10, ints12, ints2, ints3, ints4, ints5, ints6, ints7, ints8, ints9, intu, invs, ip6k1, ip6k2, ipmk, ipo11, ipo13, ipo4, ipo5, ipo7, ipo8, ipo9, ipp, ippk, iqca1, iqcb1, iqcd, iqce, iqcg, iqch, iqck, iqgap1, iqgap2, iqgap3, iqsec1, iqsec2, iqsec3, iqub, irak1, irak1bp1, irak2, irak4, ireb2, irf1, irf10, irf2, irf2bp2, irf3, irf4, irf5, irf6, irf6.2, irf7, irf8, irf9, irg1, irgq, irs1, irs2, irs4, irx1, irx2, irx3, irx4, irx5, irx6, isca1, isca2, iscu, isg20l2, isl1, isl2, islr2, ism1, ism2, isoc1, isoc2, ispd, isx, isy1, isyna1, itch, itfg1, itfg2, itfg3, itga1, itga10.1, itga10.2, itga11, itga2, itga2b, itga3, itga4, itga5, itga6, itga7, itga8, itga9, itgad, itgae, itgal, itgam, itgav, itgb1, itgb1bp1, itgb1bp2, itgb1bp3, itgb2, itgb3, itgb3bp, itgb4, itgb5, itgb6, itgb7, itgb8, itgbl1, itih2, itih3, itih4, itih5, itih5l, itk, itln1, itln2, itm2a, itm2b, itpa, itpk1, itpka, itpkb, itpkc, itpr1, itpr2, itpr3, itprip, itpripl2, itsn1, itsn2, ivd, ivns1abp, iws1, iyd,